Having my children in your care for the last few years has been a great comfort to me. I can't say enough how I appreciate your extended love for my children and of course their well being. The uniqueness of your child care facility as strong husband and wife team, home made meals and outside activities, gives your day care a good sense of warmth and family. Needless to say we will miss you all and it has been great doing business with you. I would be happy to make any recommendations if needed.
I thank you
Gloria Lopez.
I can't belive our time here is over. We were so blessed ot have you and your family in our lives. It's always hard leaving children with someone you don't know. Any aprehension I had was gone within minutes of meeting you and from the moment I saw you interact with Ryne and Rocco. Thank you for loving and caring for our boys as if they were your own. We will miss you all so, so much!!! Good bless you.
Liz and Matt